Published on: Tuesday June 1, 2021

As part of BIDF 21, there is a great lineup of workshops with national and international companies for young people.

All of these workshops are FREE and take place via Zoom.

Unmuted Dance Theatre / 5 June / 4.15pm

This workshop will be an online experimental/improvisational experience where we draw inspiration from our surrounding environment through sight, touch, sound, and sensation to inspire us to dance/ move together.

The exercises are structured to be performed alone but can be done in pairs and groups. Throughout the class, we will explore movement as a means of expression and interpretation.

Suitable for: 16+


Tentacle Tribe / 6 June / 2.30pm

Through the workshop, you will practice certain concepts that can be found in breaking and popping while using a contemporary approach.
(Knee pads, a toque and shoes are recommended)
Suitable for: 16-21yrs

Out Innerspace Dance Theatre / 6 June / 4.15pm

Tiffany will lead participants through improvisation and movement research. Sharing ways to develop character and meaning, deepen choreographic material, and tactics for finding new creative territory.
Suitable for: 16-21yrs

G37 North w/ Emma Houston & Bellatrix / 9 June / 6.30pm

Participants will have the chance to be part of the creative process of making their new work ‘Like Mercury’ which tells the stories of underrepresented communities. As queer womxn operating in heavily male-dominated spaces, Emma & Bel will explore themes of identity, conformity and pleasure to challenge stereotypes and celebrate local people.

Suitable for: 16+


G37 North w/ Joseph Toonga / 12 June / 2pm

Join Joseph Toonga for a bespoke online workshop where you can get a preview of his signature movement style and choreographic approach ahead of the launch of Roaming Dance.

Get ready to sweat as Joseph takes you through Popping, Krump and contemporary techniques.
Suitable for: 16+


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