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These commissions feature Midlands-based artists that specialise in different dance forms and that celebrate Birmingham as a global city

Symphony of Skills by Karen Wood

This dance film captures the skills of one family who are born and raised in Birmingham. The film combines tap dancing and drumming with typing on an old typewriter, each skill providing its own sound, adding to the sound score. The film celebrates three heritage sites, linked to my family, in the inner suburbs of Birmingham and where communities of people settled, worked, grew up and continue to. Rooted in Anglo-Irish heritage, the entanglement of dance and music are ever-present.    

Flock by Rachel Angus

Flock looks at the migratory patterns of birds in relation to the migration of people from one place to another. It explores the idea that one of the most significant statements individuals and communities can make is to move, travel in numbers, and leave when conditions are unfavourable – in search of a place that is safe and accepting. Through movement, we explore the initiation for this ‘migration’, flyways or travel paths, the arrival to their new place of residence and how this journey has changed them and their surroundings.  

Together, Again by Susannah Cox

The project intends to capture some of the beauty of Birmingham and the talent and diversity of its residents, by showing different groups enjoying dance throughout the city’s parks. It will also pay tribute to those who continued to facilitate opportunities for dance and connection during the pandemic.

Dancers and teachers have adapted with tenacity to changing restrictions: while some classes went online, it was not unusual to see others rehearsing outdoors. This work hopes to show some of the beautiful unity highlighted during the pandemic and people’s ingenuity and adaptability during challenging times. 

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