Akhram Khan Company – Chotto Xenos

Fri 11th June 2021, 6.30pm

50 minutes

World Premiere

Inspired by Akram Khan’s award-winning final full-length solo XENOS, Chotto Xenos is a captivating dance production that takes young audiences back in time, exploring the often forgotten and untold stories of World War 1 colonial soldiers, in order to shine a light on our present and future.

 Chottoxenos Guilhem©jeanlouisfernandez ()
©Jean Louis Fernandez

Reimagined by Sue Buckmaster, Artistic Director of Theatre-Rites and creator of the highly successful Chotto Desh, Chotto Xenos weaves together stunning choreography by Akram Khan, lighting design by Guy Hoare, costumes by Kimie Nakano, and tender and evocative visuals by Lucy Cash. Mounted on a set by Ingrid Hu, this family production incorporates Domenico Angarano’s stirring soundscape adapted from the original score, by Vincenzo Lamagna.

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Key Information

Available for 24 hours after premiere.


50 minutes
Fri 11th June 2021, 6.30pm
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This event will be screened via BIDF TV our online screening platform.
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