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Brum Pro Class w/ Tentacle Tribe

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DanceXchange Studio 1

A series of professional masterclasses delivered by the festival visiting artists in partnership with Birmingham Pro Class

About the class

After over a decade of experience as professional dancers and choreographers, Elon Höglund and Emmanuelle Lê Phan, founders of Tentacle Tribe, have developed a unique approach to movement.  The Tentacle Tribe approach is a concept-based improvisation system, inspired by a wide range of movement philosophies and studies in human anatomy.  

Putting high emphasis on awareness and decision making, the approach is a mastering of the mechanics and mathematics of the human body in relation to time and space. As the observer and the creator, from a contemporary lens, we will look at concepts from street styles such as popping and breaking, while learning techniques that will help to expand our movement vocabulary, to an increased level of body awareness and movement consciousness.  

Through geometric shapes and oppositions, we will explore the capacity for the human body to inhabit multiple planes of space: floor exercises, inversions, “freezes”, travelling across the floor to work on flow, dynamics and control. We will work on the refinement of concepts, in relation to ourselves and other bodies in space, playing with the mechanic and the organic in movements, to give it a sense of illusion and complexity. We will finish with the creation of duets and trios that integrate the day’s concepts. 

The goal of this workshop is to give a detailed introduction to what the Tentacle Tribe movement approach is and to provide tools on how to practice and apply it.


Online booking will close 10 minutes before the start time. Please ensure all personal information is entered correctly when booking your class.

Tickets can also be brought by card at reception, places are subject to availability.

About Tentacle Tribe

Drawing from their wide scope of dance experience, co-founders Emmanuelle Lê Phan and Elon Höglund create conceptual hip–hop with a contemporary twist, while intermingling organic influences from earthly creatures.

This Canadian-Swedish creative alliance experiments with intricate partnering, refined musicality and a saturated dose of physical choreography. As b-boy and b-girl, present in the street dance community and as seasoned stage performers, the duo combines movement techniques that transcend style boundaries and create works that express the embodiment of music beyond technique.    


Tentacle Tribe are performing at BIDF with a theatre show Ghost and an outdoor show Puzzle


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