DAMAEDANCE presents IRMÃ-sister

25 Sep 2021

13:35 & 18:15

25 minutes

This is a free event

What does it take to become close to someone? And, ultimately, what does it mean? Considering these questions, the piece delves into the dynamics occurring when we build relationships and how they affect our perception of self and the surrounding environment.

Digging into the very core of human interaction, IRMàportrays the ever-changing process of protecting the balance between elements of conflict and vulnerability, tenderness and anger, misunderstanding and support. IRMà aims to address the way women’s bodies and emotions are displayed on stage. By merging elements from different fields, navigating from capoeira to contact improvisation, we aimed to create an intricate and athletic movement language, which delivers power while also keeping an attentive and sensitive response to each other’s bodies.

The work is informed by the idea that female bodies have weight can sustain weight, but also display vulnerability. Ultimately, IRMÃ aspires to be a celebration of women’s strength and complexity. 

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25 minutes
25 Sep 2021
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