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Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain by Stefan Jovanović

Running time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Age Guidance: All ages

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Midlands Arts Centre (MAC) - Outdoor Theatre

This event has been cancelled due to an incidence of Covid among the performers. BIDF apologise for the inconvenience. All ticket holders will be contacted and offered a full refund.

On a planet from another time and space there lived fictional humanity that failed to respond to their environmental crisis. Four spirits intervene to save this planet from its death by ending humanity’s perception of time as linear. This outdoor performance work merges choreography, live music, and installation art to address one of the most pressing issues of our time, the death of our imagined future on this planet we call home. 

Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain invites you to consider what togetherness can be when we occupy space and time physically, fictionally, and fantastically with creatures and stories from other times and other places. Using methods of contemporary ritual-making together with archetypes and structures of ceremony, the work collides different realities together: old and new technologies, real and virtual worlds, art audiences with passers-by, present with future time. 

The spirits embody the queer power of our elemental forces. Just like fire, which does not rely on biological reproductive systems to regenerate and birth itself within the earth’s core, neither does queerness, and neither do these spirits. They return to this planet over and over again to remind us of the meaning of care, of shedding that which no longer serves us, of teaching us that the joy of flying is just one breath away from the fear of falling.

Join us for this performance ceremony to shed any fears which no longer serve you and be transported into the magical world of Drumming in the Hall of the Mountain as we honour the land that will host us.

To begin your journey to Drumming in the Hall of The Mountain, please go to the BIDF check-in desk situated in the MAC Bar when you arrive.

You will be allocated one of four natural elements – Air, Earth, Fire or Water.

You will then be guided to a location within Cannon Hill Park, where a member of the cast will greet you and lead you on a unique promenade experience and then on to MAC’s Outdoor Theatre for the second part of the performance.

Read about the four elements in advance and choose your unique journey upon arrival

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