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Far From The Norm presents Good Youtes Walk


1 Oct – 4.30 & 7.30pm

2 Oct – 3 & 5.30pm


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Chamberlain Square

This is a free event – cancelled due to wet weather

This chaotic and frenzied Hip Hop dance theatre work explores how divided we are as a nation.

Good Youtes Walk

Due to the recent surge of global events including the Covid pandemic and the Black Lives Matter movement heightening, now more than ever we are a nation divided.  

GOOD YOUTES WALK unravels how the youth of today are reclaiming their future and want to address the divide by creating unity and empathy that transcends race, class, gender, and geography.    

“We are divided by our experiences and our values but, change is coming.” 

Dynamic political hip hop theatre from the talented Far From The Norm, we shift from a dusty urban dystopia into Number 10, presenting a divided nation and flying like playground superheroes to find commonalities and question what future we want for our own children.

Alex Covell, Access Producer at GDIF 

Good Youtes Walk Credits