Screendance – Identity/Celebrating differences/Exchange & Unity

From: 04 Jun 2021 - Expires: 07 Jun 2021


A Selection of UK and International dance films on the themes of Identity, Celebrating Differences, Exchange & Unity.



 Country: United Kingdom

Running Time: 6 mins

Virtual Ghost

Country: United Kingdom

Running Time: 5 mins


A Revolution of Love by Esie Mensah

A Revolution of Love is a digital short film that follows a young black woman as she grapples with the histories of her ancestors, the present-day violence ravaging her community, and begins to imagine what her future looks like through dance.

Copy Of © Esie Mensah Creations
© Esie Mensah Creations

Filmed at Toronto’s Fort York National Historic Site and conceived by an internationally recognized Black creative team; Dora-Nominated choreographer Esie Mensah (SHADES, TEDxToronto), NAACP Nominee and multiple Dora Award-Winning Director Weyni Mengesha (Da Kink in my Hair, Kim’s Convenience), Canadian Screen Award-Winner Lucius Dechausay (CBC’s The Move), Canadian Poet of Honour and Toronto Mayor’s Arts Award-Winner d’bi.young anitafrika and featuring the words of Assata Shakur, this piece spotlights 15 women of varying shades as they come together to re-frame revolution in the name of love.

Content warning: Descriptions of violence

Country: Canada/Ghana

Running Time: 4 mins


Never Twenty One

Country: France

Running Time: 7 mins


Political Bodies: An Introduction

Introducing Political Bodies, an ongoing project/ body of work, research and exploration that I have begun as a way of imagining a new future; a liberated collective future.

Political Bodies Bts Velvia ®mickaël A. Bandassak
Velvia ®mickaël A. Bandassak

Set in a nightclub, Political Bodies gathers what society has deemed as marginalized bodies, to dance, to take space and to empower these bodies and all those who come in contact with them.

The setting gives tribute to how LGBTQ communities were an essential part of club culture and the birth of dance music. Nightclubs in history represented safe spaces for LGBTQ people to gather and defy the oppression of society. Raving as a form of protest. Enter this universe for a moment and travel through emotions of resistance, pride and empowerment that lives within the resilient lives of minorities in North America.

Country: Canada

Running Time: 4 mins



Country: United Kingdom

Running Time: 5 mins


Dancing with My Dad

Dancing with My Dad is a short documentary-dance film by choreographer Lizzie Klotz, her dad David Klotz and filmmaker Alex Ayre. 

Dancing With My Dad By Sel Maclean

This intergenerational film, which combines live performance with family archive material, follows David as he enters a new territory – the territory of contemporary dance. 

Lizzie has danced since she was 6 and is now a professional contemporary dancer. David – a police officer – has saved his dancing for family parties. A sensitive subverting of conventional family hierarchies, David becomes the student – and Lizzie the teacher. David relishes in the opportunity to learn – to play – and, as he edges into his retirement, finds a new way to express himself – physically. 

 At times David struggles, but through the bumps, bruises, aches and pains Lizzie and David find a new language to communicate with – that which is non-verbal, felt and deeply rooted in their shared history. 

Dancing with My Dad is a joyful and playful film, full of love and respect as father and daughter learn how to express themselves to one another, again

Country: United Kingdom

Running Time: 13 mins

To start with, I didnt really understand it. Aaah, it was something new to me – so I wanted to try and understand a bit more about that and what she does and her influences. Yeah, it’s just to understand a bit more about my daughter.

David Klotz in Dancing with My Dad 

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