Lucy Suggate – Molly and Lucy

Wed 7th June 2021, 10am - 7:30pm

Molly & Lucy is a series of duets made by greyhound Molly & dance artist Lucy, this material was created during a number of spare room/ outdoor residencies during Covid -19 and filmed by artists Webb-Ellis.

 A Giant-Dog Bed 

A durational performance installation taking place in a giant dog bed. Through companionship Lucy & Molly have evolved a practice of reclining together, it began as a way to bond, connect and commune at a bodily level. During the pandemic, the reclining has taken on deeper significance especially in relation to the acts of rest and why it is so difficult for us to achieve in dance, in work, in life. The giant dog bed is an invitation into a practice that follows the greyhounds’ ability to rest into their power.

 NBDrone footage 


Be More Dog

Is a short audio remedy that at least gets us away from the screen! Using the daily practice of dog walking as a departure point; the audio score invites us to consider our many material capacities through bodily sensations, plant forms, seasons, real and imagined spaces. How we might take shelter, find pleasure and curiosity in our own familiar environments. 

A Pair of Resting…..

Time: 6.30pm

Is a mixture of a performance lecture, home movies observations and smells…  

I’ve found that true love involves picking up somebody else’s shit. And a lot of us love our dogs more than each other… 

Every day for the last year I woke up to the presence and body of Molly, the retired greyhound. First thing in the morning she’s all Bambi like, limbs tangled up and endlessly folded and I feel like I am in the presence of a mythical creature,notreally a dog, So much of our relationship relies on a feltsmelt sense of each other and is a constant negotiation around communication & consent.  

 ‘Dog & human owners bear a remarkable resemblance to infant attachment bond: dogs are dependent on human care and their behaviour seems specifically geared to engage their owner’s caregiving system’ (Bowlby 2014) . Turns out Molly can never say anything that’s to hurt me and this puts us in a good place some words bite hard! 


Keep up with Lucy




Key Information

Mild adult language

Trailer credit: Webb-Ellis

Photo credit: Amy Sinead


Suitable For


This event will be screened via BIDF TV our online screening platform.


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