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Available Mon 7 June 2021, 15:00 to Sun 13 June, 23:59

A series of inspiring screendance films as part of Midlands Made programme supporting the creative practice of dance artists working in the Midlands.


All performances have their own content warnings and age advisory and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Lace by Roberta Jean

Lace Image

Lace is the first in a sequence of three films, together forming a new screen version of Brocade. Lace was shot on location at MYB Textiles in Ayrshire, the only producer in the world to still manufacture patterned lace with original Nottingham Lace Looms. Here, human movements align and juxtapose with the choreography and soundtrack of the machines and voice. 

Suitable for: all ages

Running time: 5 mins


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The Protocol Film Poster Image

Directed by the choreographer Avatâra Ayuso, the award-winning The Protocol is filmed with an eccentric and retro-futurist cinematic language where the performers in confidence to the viewer, express their thoughts, exposing their contradictions, fears and worries about our relationship with the other. This digital take on The Protocol was inspired by the virtual creative encounters of the team during the lockdown of 2020, which since then have been so indispensable and frequent in our current social and working realities. 

Suitable for: 12+

Running time: 12 mins

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Brum’s Dynasty Documentary by Foreign Production

Brum's Dynasty
©Brum’s Dynasty

Following Brum’s Dynasty founded Christian ‘Crisis’ Griffin, Aaron ‘Bez’ Berry and Aaron ‘Shin’ Duncan with amazing support from Shelley ‘Smiles’ Anderson. Gradually growing community of street artists from practising at Birmingham Cathedral Square into the Moseley road studio. They brought different styles into one room, shared their passion to help and support the youth. In the process, we’ve discovered the amazing talent and integrity of Birmingham. Watch this short documentary to learn more about the dance community and Birmingham. Please show your support by following them on their social media. 


Suitable for: all ages

Running time: 8 mins

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Rope by Helen Calcutt

‘Rope’ was created in January 2019 in direct response to the male suicide crisis in the U.K. Over 84 men per week take their own lives, and we felt it important that as artists we respond creatively, and encourage an open dialogue around this often ignored yet extremely important social issue. 

‘In Rope, I wanted to convey the feeling of struggle within oneself from the perspective of the person battling internally, as well as the struggle from the perspective of the poet in trying to understand that struggle. The gentle, considered delivery of the poetry is a contrast to the hectic and erratic choreography, which is shot and edited alongside an underwater sound design in a deliberately disorienting way. Working closely with the talent of Nathan Lafayette as dancer and choreographer, and Helen Calcutt as writer and narrator, we could use dance and poetry as vehicles to create something that has a lasting impact on an audience.’ –  Paul Stringer, Director 

We believe this film speaks up for social change, encourages awareness, and highlights the stark realities men in particular face with regards to their mental health, and the violence they can so readily inflict upon their own being. We hope it will inspire people to speak out for, and invest more time in their own mental health: especially now – with the global pandemic having drastically affected so many of us, and imbalanced so much in our lives.  

Content Warning: contains themes of suicide. 

Running time: 3 mins

The Creative Imagination – A Dance Documentary by Jamie Buchanan

Jamie B Pic
©Jamie Buchanan

This Documentary and Screendance piece explores the role that imagination plays in creativity and the daily practice of four emerging dance artists. Looking back at childhood, and exploring influences such as inspiration, this film aims to start the conversation on how to reclaim our imaginations and use them as a tool to make the world feel a little more wonderful again. 

Suitable for: all ages

Running time: 14 mins

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Jamie B Logo

Disruption by O’Driscoll Collective

Bts Disruption Photo Credit Anthony Lloyd

Disruption is a cross-art collaboration between four West-Midlands based creatives, exploring themes related to the black British identity and toxic masculinity. 

Informed by a period of research including free Breakin’ and poetry workshops for young people of colour in the Midlands and interviews with renowned black creatives from Birmingham and London, tackling topics including ‘the politicisation of afro hair’, ‘BLM: what’s changed?’ and ‘masculinity in black communities’ – Disruption features bespoke Rocking choreography set to brand new spoken word, filmed in distinctive sites across Birmingham. 


Suitable for: all ages

Running time: 4 mins

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NuBody by Sonia Sabri Company

©Mathew Beckett

NuBody is a poignant short film exploring the light versus dark, the real versus fairytale versions of female existence. It poses questions about ownership of the female body, womanhood, what the world is teaching our daughters and asks why so many daughters are buried before they get a chance to live? 

NuBody is a stunningly powerful and emotive piece featuring award-winning dancer and choreographer Sonia Sabri, Artistic Director of Sonia Sabri Company


Suitable for: 12+

Running time: 8 mins

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Sonia Sabri Logo

Angles in Life by Vanhulle Dance Theatre

Angles In Life Still Copy
©Donata Kukyte 

Set proudly against the urban landscape of Birmingham, UK, ‘Angles In Life’ is a dance/film project led by choreographer Laura Vanhulle in a choreographic collaboration with Tunisian artist, Seifeddine Manai. Drawing on a mix of international artistic and cultural influences, it explores the individual’s subjective perspective on life and how that is altered through age, maturity, biology, personality and life experiences. 

The film follows the story of two characters and their relationship: their self-realisation and perceptions of each other, the different versions of who they are or could be, or perhaps another’s dream of them. It occupies a space somewhere between a real and dream world and comes from a retrospective viewpoint: looking back on a life, on a lost youth, playing out different versions of the same lived reality. 

Suitable for: all ages

Running time: 10 mins


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All performances have their own content warnings and age advisory and may not be suitable for younger audiences.



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