Screendance Series: Choreography on Camera

Available Wed 9 June 2021, 12:00 to Fri 11 June, 11:55

Six exciting international short films exploring movement and choreography through the creative lens of the camera.


Source by Guido Sarli

How can water excavate marble? In search of a stable identity through the flow of existence, SOURCE was born.

Source By Guido Sarli©tommaso Cassinis
©tommaso Cassinis

This short film, performed and directed by Spain-based Italian artist Guido Sarli, captures the contrast between the human body and a travertine quarry. Such a space is both natural yet has been altered by man and reflects how we look still for a new identity.

The film plays with time and the possibility of altering its flow. The choreography is built on the water, rocks, and the dancer’s body. While water and rocks tell their own story, the dancer inhabits the space of the quarry with lightness and respect – considering how it has been heavily affected by human intervention.

Suitable for: all ages

Country: Spain

Running time: 4 mins


(LA)HORDE set up a contemplative situation staging and reinterpreting Jumpstyle, a dance that emerged from Mainstream Hardcore in night clubs, to deliver a mysterious verdict on the development of a post-internet dance.

The film is a global project mixing cinematographic images shot by a movie crew but also performance captured by the cast of the film with homemade videos shared on youtube and other platforms. The camera follows a singer and dancers as they wander in an abandoned steel mill. The dancers respond to the lost beat of machinery by executing Hard Jump and Hakken figures while the singer turns a Hardcore anthem «Hardcore to the bone» into a lyrical lament.

Novacieries Visuel © (la)horde Copie
Novacieries Visuel © (la)horde Copie

The dancers finally gather to deliver a show without an audience. All along wavering between their idealized vision and the reality of its visibility.

Novaciéries is a combination of cinema, performance, and home video that transcends dance films and presents a choreographed portrait of the post-industrial world by reinterpreting post-internet dance.

Suitable for: all ages

Country: France

Running time: 16 mins

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Rêverie by Samory Ba and Oktawia ScibioRêverie is based on an optical illusion, using the smooth and frictionless dance allowed by inline rollers, and the special positioning of the camera, in order to create the impression of bodies dancing while flying.

The fluidity and recurrence of movements, associated with a repetitive musical built-up, aim to induce a daydreaming experience for the viewer, an opportunity to wander into a world where the usual boundaries of movement possibilities are redefined.

Espace Metamorphoses
Andrey Troitsky

Suitable for: all ages

Country: Canada

Running time: 3 mins

(un)important, today is by Danielle Mackenzie Long

(un)important, Today Is Still
film still of Danielle Mackenzie Long in (un)important, today is 

How do we allow ourselves to be seen? How does identity change in relation to time? How is our perception of self manipulated by society?

Gestures of an ordinary body change into abstract dances as the dancer attempts to be seen by herself and others. Focusing on the personal value of identity by questioning who cares more, the outside audience or the owner themselves, (un)important, today uses physical movement and warped images to explore the declaration of self. It’s both meaningful to all and meaningless to one. 

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Suitable for: all ages 

Running time: 4 mins

Shift by Claire Marshall and Kevin Holloway

Taking an 8-minute duet situated in various locations, and repeated four times, choreographer Claire Marshall investigates how the sense of ‘story’ shifts with the consideration of location, cinematic elements, and editing. 

The duet explores a discordant couple stuck in a rut, looping manipulative behaviour as four stories eventually shift to become one .  

The editing of Shift was unique as it was not pre-planned but rather created through experiment with the sense of story unfolding through the choreography and shaped by the shooting locations.

Shift Byclairemarshall Photo Kevinholloway Cast Lucyhood Richardcauser
Photo Claire Marshall, Kevin holloway

Shift won the audience choice award for the 48th Dance on Camera Festival NYC in 2020. It was nominated for an Australian Dance Award in 2020 and was a finalist in the dance film category. 

Suitable for: 12+

Country: Australia 

Running time: 32 mins

WOYO by Don Sen Folo

In the daily life of the markets of Bamako, young dancers are looking for movement. Under the watchful eye of international choreographers, they experiment with new dialogues with society.  Film makers Agnès Quillet and Lassina Kone

Woyo Img
Agnès Quillet 

Suitable for: All Ages 

Country: Mali

Running time: 20 mins



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