Screendance Series: Video Art

Available Fri 11 June, 12:00 to Sun 13 June, 23:59

A series of UK & International screendance films created using striking visuals, animation, expression and effects.


LIQUID PATH by Filomena Rusciano

Wearing a dress of courage, a migrant’s hope floats restlessly in the sea like a message crammed in a bottle, floating randomly. 


LIQUID PATH (2013) is Rusciano’s first screendance film, a tribute to migrants crossing the Mediterranean on makeshift boats on an uncertain journey. The emotional tension is enhanced by illustrations by artist Rinedda, and music by Paolo Barone.

The film was in 2021 Winner BEST VIDEODANCE- Festival VideoDance (Brazil)

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Suitable for: all ages

Country: Italy

Running time: 4 mins

Erêkauã by Estranha Força

Cartaz by Paulo Accioly, Dodo


Kauã dances on the hill like a boy hawk.

A short experimental, animation and dance video, made during a residency at Casa Amarela, located in Morro da Providência (RJ).  Directed by Paulo Accioly, Dodo

Country: Brazil

Running time: 1 min

Suitable for: all ages

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Line 0 by East China Normal University

Line 0
Mingxuan Fan

In recent years, Japanese office workers created a new expression “social animal” in self-mockery, describing how they feel like animals at work, used as tools, repeating the same unimportant actions day after soulless day.  

Line 0 reflects the idea of human beings as tools, comparing the drudgery of boring work to an industrial production line, leading to a repetitive and monotonous life. Zero represents this psychological state of nothing, without a sense of achievement and satisfaction. The sense of emptiness could be overwhelming except for the opportunity once work is over to get a little breathing space through our dreams and fantasies. 

Suitable for: all ages

Country: China

Running time: 5 mins


WIL NIGHT (el año de la rata) by arteNÒMADA

Christian Weber
Christian Weber

Living with many different alter egos since being a child, the pandemic in 2020 detonated the necessary atmosphere to create this film and let these facets reveal themselves to the public.  Directed by Christian Weber.  Featuring Choreographer and Performance Artist Dalel Bacre

Suitable for: all ages

Country: USA

Running time: 3 mins

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We Are Ready Now by Jack Thomson

Photo Still

Bodies navigate and self organise as they run alone but dance together. The competitive landscape is overwhelmed by public and personal spaces. Actions act as the only markers in time, as they are reduced to noticeable and forgettable images. Where are we in this moment? Individuals unknowingly connected through unseen templates of social dynamic, captured in the container of the now.

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Suitable for: all ages

Country: UK

Running time: 1 min

Establet ‘Pandemic’ Ballet by Compañía Helena

Created in the context of the pandemic, this film is based on the play “Ballet Establet”, produced and premiered at the FIBA International Festival of Buenos Aires in January 2020. Using technology as a tool to duplicate, interrogate and question identity and the physicality of dance, the work is also a story about the problems, journeys and dreams of three dancers in the Republic of Argentina.

Establet Ballet
El pájaro films 

In this short fiction documentary, the dancers return to the spirit and passages of the original work, where the questions and scenes are given new significance and updated, as the post Covid normality imposes a new space-time dimension.  The artists slowly find ways to cooperate, interact and explore a new city and natural settings to continue creating and revitalizing themselves.

Suitable for: all ages

Country: Argentina

Running time: 14 mins

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