Screendance – Flatpack Collaboration

From: 07 Jun 2021 - Expires: 09 Jun 2021


42 minutes


Flatpack curated screendance performance made up of six short dance films from around the world.

In Plain Sight

In plain sight is the result of months of exploring urban movements on a boulevard in Tehran, Iran. In a society where many questions and restrictions exist around the concept of ‘movement’, three performers try to define the borders of dance. They interact with their surroundings and thus become an integral part of the flow of the city.

In Plain Sight


Running time: 10 minutes

Country: Islamic Republic of Iran

Director: Tanin Torabi

Watch here

Green Dawn

Some women of the woods get infected by a mysterious green dawn…

Green Dawn


Running time: 4 minutes

Country: France

Director: Fu Le



Set in the spectacular Burren region of the west coast of Ireland, Navigation explores the current humanitarian crisis of displacement and dislocation that is experienced both individually and collectively. Using the land itself to explore how we navigate through unknown terrain, themes of survival and perseverance, departure and renewal emerge in a nuanced and layered interpretation of the migration experience. The rhythms, movement, vocals and landscape define and embody this exploration, featuring the performances of 10 dancers, singers and a choir of 40 participants



Running time: 13 minutes

Country: Canada

Director: Marlene Millar

Material Bodies

Through interweaving dance and dialogue, Material Bodies is a sensual and cinematic look at the relationship between amputees and their limbs. This visceral and colourful short film explores how a prosthetic leg can be more like a piece of jewellery, a dance companion, or a part of you.

Sensory Prosthetics Stills Photography


Running time: 4 minutes

Country: United Kingdom

Director: Dorothy Allen-Pickard


Time Perspective

Time perspective theory is the idea that our perception of time influences our emotions, perceptions and actions. Time perspective models break down time into chronological categories such as Past. Present. Future.

Time Perspective


Running time: 4 minutes

Country: Norway

Director: Line Klungseth Johansen


Three dancers, one kite, one hook, two cultures in one weird euphemism.



Running time: 6 minutes

Country: China

Director: Tang Chenglong



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Wed 09 Jun 21

Key Information

42 minutes
From: 07 Jun 2021 - Expires: 09 Jun 2021


This event will be screened via BIDF TV our online screening platform.
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