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VIBES #5 by Orbe & C-DaRE

Sun 19th Jun, 13:30 & 16:00

This is a free event but please book you place

Headphones are provided

This may not be suitable for people with sensory processing challenges.

Times for outdoor events are approximate and will be confirmed nearer the time. When planning your visit please check

Run time: 30 minutes

Country: France


Sun 19th Jun, 13:30 & 16:00
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Chamberlain Square

This is a free outdoor event

Vibes #5 is a 30-minute audio experience, a chance to be outside in the city and sense it in a completely different way.

Vibes #5 is for everyone regardless of whether you have ever done anything like this before. After putting on headphones you are gently guided to notice yourself and your surroundings. Composed sound interacts and interweaves through the narration to enrich the sound world that supports you. Encouraging curiosity and attentiveness, stillness and as much movement as you want, this audio evokes a sense of groundedness and connection and a new way of experiencing being out in the city.

Experience the co-existence. (This may not be suitable for people with sensory processing challenges). 



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