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Midlands Made New Films
Premiere of the Midlands Made Films. Commissioned by DanceXchange, and produced by Motion Dance Collective, there will be two major screendance films and 
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Wilkie Branson – TOM
Set in a hinterland between the civilised world and the wilderness, TOM tells the story of one man’s journey to rediscover who he really is.   Create
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Eastside Projects – Loop: TV Test
" Loop, Looping, Loopy, Loophole, Loop the loop, Loopers. To ‘loop’ is to encircle, circulate, to begin and then return to.   Loop: TV Test, gives a fi
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Leila McMillan – curl of hair
A real-time digital performance   curl of hair is an embodied snapshot of what crystallises when trauma sets in, a freeze-frame delving into the notions of
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Extended Play
Extended Play takes over DanceXchange. The take over day will consist of four LIVE activities:  How to Build a Universe This is an exciting and unique op
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Karen Christopher & Tara Fatehi Irani – Always Already
Always Already has two facets: an 8-hour performance installation and a stand-alone one-hour performance, embedded within the installation. Facet One For
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Lucy Suggate – Molly and Lucy
Molly & Lucy is a series of duets made by greyhound Molly & dance artist Lucy, this material was created during a number of spare room/ outdoor residencies d
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